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Classic Imaging in Varkens in Bedrijf

Dutch pig farmer magazine Varkens in Bedrijf visited the Classic iNSight2 factory, and followed the production process from a aluminum billet to the final testing stage.

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User feedback
“Our company has up to 3500 sows, spread over four sites. We have been using the Classic iNSight for years now and it is excellent in use. The scan time is reduced by half. We now scan fifty sows in half an hour.”

“The scanner is easy to disinfect, there are no wires which you’ll have to wear over your body and the screen is bright. Before we bought this scanner, we first tried eight different types, but the Classic iNSight is really by far the best model that can be found on the market right now.”

Chris Young | Manager of L.C. Lister Farms Ltd in Borobridge, York
“The Classic iNSight is convenient and easy to use, a very good device. I think the main advantage is that you only need one hand, the other hand is free to use for something else.”
Ole Andersen | Danish pig breeder
“Illness can ruin your whole company. We are trying to do as much as possible by ourselves, even the breeding. We use the scanner from the 22nd, 23rd day after insemination. It is ideal, if a sow is not pregnant, you can immediately start bearing.”

“We have 400 sows, that’s pretty much the lower limit for quickly earning back this scanner. We’ve also looked at other scanners. If you want one like the stations for artificial insemination use, than you’ll have to pay twice as much and you’re attached to an expensive maintenance contract. Cheaper scanners have a separate sensor with a cable, are not easy to use and seem to exhibit many failures, that’s why we’ve chosen the Classic iNSight.”

Gerrit Kampert | Pig breeder from Harskamp, The Netherlands
“We have been using this scanner for over a year. Previously the vet had to come once every two weeks, now we determine the time and the number of sows to scan ourselves.”

“Our company has two locations, each with 500 sows. The scanner is used in both stables. Therefore, it is a great advantage for us that it is easily washable; it can be cleaned in a bucket with water so to speak. So there is no danger of cross contamination.”

“The scanner suits us perfectly. I am very satisfied with the convenience and the ease of use. Within a second a sow is scanned. The scanner is watertight and we just rinse it under running tap water before we take it to our other hog houses.”

Jeroen Donkers | VOF Donkers Farm, Deurne, The Netherlands
MKB Limburg Innovation Award
After a tough examination procedure, the Classic iNSight won this prestigious prize in its home country of The Netherlands.
Agromek top rating
At the Danish Agromek fair, the iNSight received the maximum 3-star rating for new products.
Best New Product on Show
At the British Pig and Poultry Fair, the Classic iNSight was awarded Best New Produc on Show.
Presentations, Publications and Awards

iNSight at the LIV Exhibition in Hardenberg, The Netherlands

During the LIV in Hardenberg, there was a lot of interest for the Classic iNSight2. With appr. 12.000 visitors it was a very busy exhibition where we were fortunately still able to properly discuss the product and its use with the many interested farmers.

The Classic iNSight2 which was submerged in water for three days was an eye catcher as ever. For a water proof scanner no burden, hence it went back in the demo pool straight after the show.

iNSight at VIV Europe

At the VIV Europe in Utrecht, The Netherlands, there was a special place for the Classic iNSight at the PIT stop, the Pig Innovation Theatre where a select number of innovative products were at display.

Classic Imaging wins MKB Limburg Innovation Prize

Classic Imaging won the MKB Limburg Innovation Prize. The company developed a handy pregnancy scanner, the Classic iNSight, which allows very fast detection of pregnancy in sows. In the mean time the unit is a great success in the USA and several European countries. A beautiful example of the innovation power of the Limburg SME’s.

From the Chamber of Commerce newsletter (text by Jos Cortenraad):

Not without pride Ruud Kraan slams the Classic iNSight with a hard blow on the table. “Look,” says the Director of marketing and sales of Classic Imaging. “Aluminum housing. Barely one kilo and yet indestructible. This is really necessary because in a pigsty where animals of 300 kg jostle around, it is rough to the touch. Is manufactured in the region by the way. The mechanics come from Sittard, electronics from a company on Maastricht Airport, delivered and assembled in Meerssen. Everything about this device is made in Southern Limburg. Even the expensive transducer crystal, which we make ourselves.”

It is the ultimate entrepreneurial dream. Working out a good idea, find an enthusiastic market worldwide and win a series of prizes and awards. Because in addition to the SME Innovation Prize Limburg the scanner was also good for professional awards in the United States, Denmark and England. Good for a growing contract flow and therefore financial success.

Ruud Kraan smiles. “Well,” it sounds modest. “We started in 2003 and have invested quite a lot of time and money these first years. This year we may earn some money, but if so it’s going right back into the business. We have lots of ideas still that need to be worked out. It is a kick that we are successful, of course. But becoming rich, no.”