Expertise in ultrasound technology

When it comes to detecting pragnancy with saws, there are more than a few scanners on the market nowadays. But most of them use a heavy display unit, connected to an external scanning probe by a cable. All rather expensive and delicate solutions that are anything but easy to use, not to mention the contamination risk as these scanners are mainly used by veterinarians and insemination services working in different stables each day.

To eliminate these issues, two “veterans” in veterinary equipment took on the challenge to create a new scanner. Bas Alberts (cofounder of PieMedical, currently known as Esaote) and Ruud Kraan (former CEO of PieMedical) managed to develop an innovative scanner that redefines the pregnancy scanning process. With the Classic iNSight, pig farmers themselves can conveniently detect saw pregnancy at minimal cost.

100% European quality

Not only did the development of the Classic iNSight and iNSight 2 take place in Europe. This is also where we produce and assemble our scanners. That ensures high quality standards, also when it comes to service and warranty. Each and every part is (and will be) available at our HQ in The Netherlands. And thanks to modern communication applications, customers anywhere in the world can reach us directly.